Opportunities in Our Group

We are exciting to recruit creative and motivated research at all levels who are passionate about solving challenging problems at the interface of engineering and medicine.  Research in our group is driven by a desire to develop theory and data-driven computational tools to better understand cancer progression and treatment resistance.  For more information please contact jason[dot]george[at]tamu[dot]edu

Topics include:

  • Computational cancer modeling
  • Immunology and cancer immunotherapy
  • Probabilistic modeling of biological systems
  • Systems biology and stochastic modeling of phenotypic transitions in oncology
  • Quantifying adaptive processes in complex biological systems

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Postdoctoral candidates should hold a doctoral degree in engineering, mathematics, statistics, or computer science and should have extensive experience with scientific coding and a desire to collaborate with graduate students. Familiarity with Mathematical Analysis is encouraged but not required.  To apply, please send an email enclosing an academic CV and brief description of relevant research experiences, skills, prior coursework, and project interests.

PhD Students:

We are currently seeking motivated graduate and undergraduate students who are passionate about developing their computational modeling skills.  We welcome PhD students with an undergraduate degree in engineering, mathematics, physics, or statistics to apply. Students will complete their coursework and teaching assignments during their first year in College Station, at which point they will transition to full-time research in Houston. Students currently enrolled at TAMU who are interested in joining our group should schedule a meeting by reaching out via email.

Medical Students

Medical students with undergraduate background in mathematics and engineering interested in developing and working on computational projects in medicine are encouraged to email Dr. George.

Undergraduate Students:

Texas A&M Students interested in gaining engineering research experience should schedule a meeting with Dr. George via email to discuss project availability.